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    Research Center for Transfusion-transmitted Disease

    The center focus on: ①Molecular epidemiology of transfusion-transmitted diseases and emerging infectious disease. ②Novel viral inactivating methods and evaluation for incactivation effect.③Life cycle, process of infecting cells, and pharmacotherapy of HIV. ④Resistance mechanisms investigation and novel antiviral drugs development for viral hepatitis. ⑤Personalized translational medicine treatment and curative effect prediction for patients with viral hepatitis.


    Research Center for Immunohemotology

    Researches concerned in the following fields:①Technological and strategic researches in the clinical practice of transfusion medicine and in allo-HSCT and organ transplantation. ②Genetic background of human blood groups, HLA and HPA in Chinese population. ③Effect of malignant disease on blood groups. ④Influence of immunogenetic background on the susceptibility and progression of diseases.


    Research Center for Blood Biochemistry and Molecular Biology

    Main research directions: ①Comprehensive utilization and developing technical specifications, standards and guidelines of blood collection and supply. ②Methodology and quality assessment of blood products. ③Plasma protein. ④Standardization of the blood detection techniques, reagent preparation.


    Research Center for Stem Cell Therapies

    We aim to make fundamental advances in: ①Mechanisms controlling the early development of hematopoietic stem cells from human embryonic and induced pluripotent stem cells (hESC/hiPSCs) and their possible clinical applications. ②Functionally mature erythrocytes from hESC/hiPSCs and their application in transfusion medicine.③Functional matured mast cells, eosinophilic and basophilic granulocytes, and other innate immune-related cells from hESC/hiPSCs and the establishment of the related disease models. ④Molecular mechanisms that regulate primitive and definitive hematopoiesis in human by regulating the expression profile and molecular networks of the key molecules in early hematopoiesis through gene manipulation techniques, such as RNAi, Knock-in technology.


    Research Center for Biomedical Engineering of Transfusion

    The main research fields include: ①Safety and effectiveness of blood preservation and transfusion. ②Blood Substitutes. ③Standard and detection methodology of biomaterial and products. Research Center for Blood Management and Information The main research fields include: ①Balance of supply and demand for blood resources. ②Monitoring of blood resources safety and decision support.③Blood donors recruitment and blood donation service.


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